S*Chanticos Special Delivery for Ma EXO as 22 62    27/7-2005


 S*Blaze of Glorys Watch Out EXO ns 22 62 Var  (N) Brusvehagen A Little Piece    O'My Heart                           PER n  EC S*Preem'z Zuck             EXO a Var Chargheleam's Key To Fame                     EXO e Var
Kopparkullens Madonna                        PER g
 (N)Misty Lapponia                  PER n 03 22 Bocasana's Bayou Bandit Jr                   PER n 03 23
(N)Sea Cat's Fairy Patches                   PER f 03
 S*Bad Manners Valkyria           EXO ns 24 62 Var (N)Brusvehagen Captain of My Heart                                  PER ns 23 62 (N)Sea Cat's Brilliant Face                     PER n 23
(N)Misty Juvel Black Smoke                   PER ns
Ronja                                  EXO a Var S*Zampino's Black Sabbath                  EXO n Var
Jill                                                      PER a
 S*Hassellidens Silver Tiffany   EXO ns 24 62 Var  S*Hassellidens Silver Occisimo   PER as 22 62    CH S*Athelstones Zpotlight       PER n 03      IC Harwood van Johnson                     PER d 01
 Laurala's Forget Me Not                      PER a
 S*Hassellidens Silver Enja        PER ns 22 62  IC S*Hassellidens Silver Livido               PER ns 22 62
 S*Eddore Erika                                  PER a 22  
 S*Shiraz Jackie                    EXO n Var S*Athelstones Enforce         PER n  IC S*Athelstones Black Rain                 PER n
 S*Athelstones Extazy, DM                         PER f
 S*Athelstones Georgina       EXO n 22 Var  PR & EC Telones Type-O, DM             EXO a 22 Var
 CH Kikicat Glory Hallelujah, DM               PER a 22

This pedigree is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Signed: Susanne Funestig