S*FORMOSITAS Queenie EXO f 22 non cpc - tested with DNA


 S*Anitwas Optimus Online  EXO d 22 cpc  IC Anitwas Front Fighter            PER n 21 33  IC(N)Purrbox Diamond Chip        PER a 21 33 (N)Purrbox Diamond Cut                      EXO a 21 33 Var
(N)Purrbox Duchess Daisy                     PER g 33
 Permobiles Latoya                 PER f 33 CH (N)Purrbox Trendsetter                   PER a 33
Permobiles Merci                                 PER f
 Anitwas Little Lightning           EXO f Var cpc Anitwas Gigolo EXO d Var cpc      [EXO d 23] EC Preem'z Zeke                                 EXO a Var
GIC Anitwas Delizia Baby Charmed        PER f 33
Anitwas Illusion                      PER n 33 PR & EC (N)Lille Rosin's Duke Delight     PER n 33
GIC Anitwas Delizia Baby Charmed        PER f 33
 S*Formositas JoJo           PER f  IC S*Neogenes Opal Rutile        PER n 02 21   EC Athelstones Trademark       PER n 22      PR & EC Telone's Type-O                    EXO a 22 var                    DM
 Kikicat Seeds-Of-Change                     PER ns 22 62                    DM
 S*Dolce Vita's La Toyai         PER n 03  S*Dolce Vita's Rebel Heart               PER n 03
 S*CatMaster's 3-D                                PER f 03  
 S*CatWalks FlowerPower        PER d 03 S*CatWalks BackStreet Boy      PER d  S*CatMasters MishMash                  PER d 03
 S*Peczelys Joyride                              PER gs
 S*CatMasters Babe 4'TC.I.A     PER g 03  S*CatMasters Look-A-Smash             PER a 03
 S*CatMasters Bell of T'Ball               PER e 03

This pedigree is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Signed: Susanne Funestig